Gifts to inspire, support and simply say thanks

As a manager or a leader you want to inspire your team to greatness. You want to make sure they feel valued and supported especially in times of big change. You want to keep them motivated and happy.  We've put together a range of items which will make great gifts for your teams and co-workers whether you are looking to to inspire them, support them or simply say thanks!

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Give a gift to inspire

Team Topologies Tools - Books, Shapes and stickers set

A great gift to inspire managers.  The Team Topologies book by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais is a chart topping tome of very modern wisdom, and makes a great gift for team leads or managers to help them get the most from their teams, by mapping out what they are working on and form team boundaries and working practices that respect the system and human limitations.

The Modeling Shapes allow them to put the ideas from the book into action, making sense of the status quo in their departments and sharing ideas for change.

Cyber Security Threat Modeling Card Games

Got a programmer developer in your life who loves hacker movies? Do you have developers in your teams who you need to deliver security features in 2021?  These card decks are compact nugget of content that is pleasing on the eye, satisfying to handle and inspirational from the get go.

Give a gift to simplify your meetings

Video Conference Cards

Are your teams enduring zoom fatigue? We've developed a colourful set of 20 visual cues for your remote workers to give them a way to avoid interrupting useful audio conversation, conduct straw polls, signal issues as they arise and have some fun!

Give a gift to show your support

Remote Worker Kits

Your teams no longer have access to a stationery cupboard. Our stationery kits, which are completely customisable, are a great way to help your teams feel supported as they settle down in  their new environments.  We've designed these kits especially to make the recipient feel valued. They have a range of great quality items that meet specific needs and we pack them in layers. You take one thing out and another thing is waiting to be discovered!


Storage leaders in the interiors industry, Hotbox Storage have designed these really amazing storage caddies to keep you organised as well as flexible. These are great gifts for your teams to help them get nicely set up at home and feel valued at the same time. 

Combine these with the Kits to offer a complete solution to your remote workers stationery needs and more!

Kudos Postcards

It can be easy to forget to appreciate your colleagues especially when you don't physically see them. Our Appreciation Postcards offer a simple way to take a moment and appreciate each other in your team especially at a time of big change for you and your co-workers.


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