Gifts to inspire, support and simply say thanks

As a manager or a leader you want to inspire your team to greatness. You want to make sure they feel valued and supported especially in times of big change. You want to keep them motivated and happy.  We've put together a great selection of items making great gifts for your teams and co-workers. 

Custom Messaging, Gift Wrapping and Multi-address fulfilment available!

Featured gift sets

Team Topologies Book, Modeling Shapes and stickers set by Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais

A great gift to inspire managers.  The Team Topologies book, Modeling Shapes and stickers set by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais makes a great gift for team leads or managers to help them get the most from their teams, by mapping out what they are working on and form team boundaries and working practices that respect the system and human limitations.

Threat Modeling Toolkit for Developers by Adam Shostack

A great gift for developers to help them to get into the mindset to threat model and reduce friction in the learning experience. This toolkit designed by Adam Shostack includes the Elevation of Privilege game, a whiteboard notebook and system architecture stencil. Combine these with the Threat Modeling Manifesto Poster which brings together the distilled wisdom of leading security experts to help organisations adopt threat modeling and improve security and privacy. 

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Team Kits

Our team kits, which are completely customisable, are a great way to help your teams feel supported whatever their mission whether they are working remotely or coming back into the office. They have a range of great quality items that meet specific needs and we pack them in layers. You take one thing out and another thing is waiting to be discovered!

Explore our agile, scrum and cyber security team kits to see what works for your teams!

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Our Card Games

Offering fun, compact content, pleasing on the eye and inspirational from the get go,
making them great gifts for your teams and co-workers.



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