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Elevation of Privilege (EoP) Threat Modeling Card Game

Product: 88 cards

Invented by Adam Shostack, the Elevation of Privilege card game is designed to help developers easily and quickly find threats to software or computer systems.

  • The Standard deck contains 88 cards with 78 threat cards arranged in 6 suits based on the STRIDE mnemonic. 

  • The latest version contains 4 more cards in the Tampering and Elevation of Privilege suits and the Denial of Service cards now include attacks on wallets and batteries.

  • The extended privacy edition contains 102 cards with an additional 13 privacy anti-pattern cards helping developers to spot common privacy and data handling errors as well. 



Branded versions of our decks can be a great way to send a message as part of a transformation, or demonstrate leadership buy-in during any kind of cultural change.

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Product: 88 cards