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LINDDUN GO Privacy Threat Modeling Cards - 2024 version


In stock on 24th June 2024. Place your pre-order now! 

This 2024 redesigned card deck builds upon a comprehensive update to the LINDDUN privacy threat knowledgebase. These cards feature an enhanced selection of privacy focus areas, augmented guidance, and vivid examples. Navigating the privacy threat analysis process has never been easier. 

With 33 threat cards highlighting the most common privacy threats and system hotspots, this deck transforms the privacy assessment process into an engaging, collaborative experience.

They come in six suits, matching the main LINDDUN privacy threat categories of:


 How to play?

  • Prepare a diagram of the system you want to threat model
  • Take turns picking a (random) card and start identifying threats that correspond with the drawn threat type card.
  • Each card highlights the hotspot(s) in the system where the threat can arise and contains guidance questions to identify whether or not it is applicable to the system you are analyzing.

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