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We've partnered with StrongSuits to bring you a flexible tool for coaches and facilitators to help teams build trust, improve communication and to create psychological safety.
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StrongSuits Cards

StrongSuits is a strengths-based team and personal development tool which uses cards and games to get people talking about their strengths and how they work together. The tool is specifically designed to build trust and collaboration in teams and can be used for team coaching or wider performance development.

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Watch Agile Games Workshop event with Ryan Behrman, CEO of StrongSuits!

In the video, Ryan Behrman provides insights into the development and use of StrongSuits, and demonstrates how it can be used to build a shared understanding of personality types and communication styles in a team. He also highlights the benefits of using StrongSuits, including improved communication, collaboration, and inclusiveness.

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Resources to help you learn more about StrongSuits

The Agile Pubcast

Watch this episode of the Agile Pubcast where Paul Goddard and Geoff Watts play a version of Strong Suits called Winning Hand.

The StrongSuits Starter Guide

The starter guide gives you everything you need to kickstart StrongSuits inside your organisation or as a self development tool.