Magnetic Attraction: how a little dot will change your expectations

So we finally set up our full-size Kanban board. The little one in the kitchen got James into prep school but we have no room to track all our business tasks in the kitchen. We have to spread out.

Our new shiny whiteboard is magnetic, so was time to give magnetic dots a try.

In our testing we were amazed how quickly magnetic dots changed our expectations about how stationery behaved. While setting up we had some task cards in "analysis" fixed with blu-tak and some in the "ready" column fixed with magnetic dots. The ones in "ready" slid about easily as we discussed dependencies.

Minutes later, when I went to move cards in the "analysis" column I had one of those moments, you know, when you drag your finger on a screen expecting it to work like a smartphone? I was shocked that a task card attached with blu-tack had failed to slide.

This is the first time in ages that our expectations have been blown away by something that was not digital. It was disorienting - but very cool!