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Six Agile sessions at NDC-London

Six Agile sessions at NDC-London

Our full national Q1 event listing would be incomplete without a detailed listing of the Agile sessions at NDC London next week.


11:40 Communicating in the face of conflict - or why are conflicts so d*** hard? Marina Haase
15:00 Lean accessibility: Building inclusive design into your agile workflow Elle Waters
17:40 Mob Programming, A Whole Team Approach Woody Zuill
17:40 Agile in a Business to Business relationship Camilla Brown



11:40 Applying Agile Thinking: Run Measure Learn Julia Mitchelmore
13:40 Agile is dead! Long live DevOps! Martin Hinshelwood


This looks like an interesting and varied line up. We wish we were there to take a closer look.

LATER: There is a particularly appealing  talk  happening Wednesday at 3pm. "The Force Awakens - Mastering Your Inner Developer" is a talk on developing your self as a professional creator of software. 

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