Agile Stationery

StrongSuits Cards - a strength-based team and personal tool

Size: 1 deck

StrongSuits is a strengths-based team and personal development tool which uses cards and games to get people talking about their strengths and how they work together. The tool is specifically designed to build trust and collaboration in teams and can be used for team coaching or wider performance development.

A complete starter guide is available to download here.

The pack is made up of four suits that represent four communication styles, based on research which shows that people are either:

  • Task focussed or People focussed
  • Reflective or Expressive

The StrongSuits deck supports many exercises, including these two key games:

Winning Hand

Teams or individuals compete to choose cards that best reflect themselves, until they end up with a 'winning hand' which represents their top strengths. The game helps the team understand each other's strengths.

Opposite Number

Players pair up who have opposite strengths. The pairs are asked to discuss three coaching questions about when and where their different strengths are useful. The game encourages teams to value the diversity of personality traits amongst them. 

    Size: 1 deck